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About Us




Like the history of stamps themselves, Shachihata has a rich and wonderful background. We started in 1925 as ink chemists and stamp pad manufacturers. The Xstamper® was born in 1964 while doing R & D on a more durable rubber marker nib. While performing numerous experiments, to our surprise the addition of salt into an experimental rubber compound resulted in the development of cellular rubber for the most durable pre-inked stamps ever made. Later, we also pioneered and developed laser manufacturing for faster and better print quality.


Where We Are Today


What started as a small stamp-making business more than 90 years ago has blossomed into a multi-million dollar a year operation that includes more than nine facilities and nearly 2,000 employees worldwide. We’re proud that our products are available in several major languages and in over 80 countries.


What We Offer


An extensive line of stock and custom made Xstamper® pre-inked stamps, ClassiX® self-inking stamps as well as traditional stamps and daters. In addition we offer Xecutive® engraved signage, name badges, plaques, and awards. Our vast Artline® markers and pen selection are high-quality and very popular worldwide. Our goal is to bring you a one-stop shopping experience for all your marking product needs that is both efficient and pleasant.


The Xstamper® brand consists of pre-inked rubber stamps that require no stamp pad. Our built-in ink reservoir system allows clear, continuous stamping for years of use. A variety of Xstamper® products are available, including the newly developed line of ergonomic products.


We also offer a complete line of industrial pre-inked and traditional stamps for permanent marking on glass, metal, wood or plastic. These industrial traditional stamps are made of high-quality rubber to hold up to oil based inks used in our special Hi-Seal® industrial stamp pads.


Artline® products are markers and pens available for many purposes, including industrial, educational, arts and crafts, and home and office use. With a wide range of products and vivid ink colors, Artline® continues to innovate and develop writing instruments that enhance the comfort and creativity of the people who use them.


Introducing Xstamper QuiX


Now, we're introducing a brand new technology, the Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System. This machine combines quality and speed, go from the design phase to stamping in just minutes.


Looking Ahead


Shachihata is striving to become the largest stamp manufacturer while maintaining the highest standards. We will continue to oversee the entire product life cycle, from planning to production, to ensure the quality and safety of all our products and to maintain the trust of our customers.


We will take great care to minimize our environmental burden, introducing more eco-friendly products manufactured using recycled materials.


Shachihata will provide customers with extra-value, in addition to superior products and technology. Our relentless product development assures an expanding range of products and conveniences for years to come.




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