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Features Overview


The Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System is a breakthrough in the rubber stamp industry. With 14 different stamp sizes to choose from, the all-inclusive Xstamper QuiX system will turn anyone into a professional stamp maker. Making high-quality pre-inked stamps takes only a few minutes and hands stay clean and ink-free during assembly. Additionally, the intuitive and easy-to-use Xstamper QuiX software (included with the machine), guides the user throughout the process

Xstamper QuiX Software


Easy-to-use Software


With the Xstamper QuiX software, designing a stamp is effortless for any skill level. Simply select a stamp size, then begin typing. The Xstamper QuiX software will automatically adjust the font size with each typed letter. Users more experienced with the leading graphics programs, will find the Xstamper QuiX software has many familiar tools. When the design is complete, making the stamp is as simple as clicking print and inserting the rubber die. From start-to-finish, the Xstamper QuiX software is a user friendly guide designed to create a quality stamp in just minutes.

Manufacture and Assembly


Simple and Clean Assembly


The Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making Systems is designed for the experienced stamp manufacturer as well as the novice. With this simple to follow process, stamp making is quick and easy, with no mess. In just minutes a stamp is made and ready for use, without getting any ink on hands or clothes!

Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System


Why Xstamper QuiX?


The Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System comes complete with everything needed to begin making pre-inked stamps right away! Our competitor's system requires purchasing many additional supplies.


The Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System does not require any components to be replaced for at least 20,000 stamps!


Our competitor's system requires:

Changing the xenon lamp every 2,000 stamps at a cost of over $240.00.

Thermal ribbon cartridge and draft sheets must be reordered every 150 stamps at a cost of $85.00.




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